Industry Leader in Finland

Sensorex Oy is the leading gas monitoring company in Finland. We have worked for gas safety since 1977. We design, manufacture, represent and market a wide range of high quality portable and fixed gas detection equipment.

Sensorex Oy is committed to gas safety. We manage occupational safety, production and environmental risks, and minimise environmental damage. To achieve our goals, we are constantly developing gas control solutions and supporting technical systems that are best suited for their purpose.

Our extensive service network ensures the operation and reliability of gas detection equipment throughout its life cycle. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and our environmental management system to ISO 14001:2015.

Gas Detection

Gas control ensures the safety of a site by measuring the concentration of gases in the air.

Gas control is typically carried out using gas detectors. The devices detect the presence and concentration of gases in the air.

Gas detectors use different measurement techniques and measurement cells depending on the gas threat. They are used to maintain safety by detecting toxic and flammable gases and warning of possible lack of oxygen. Gas detectors are connected to the building automation system or a separate gas control unit. Together with alarm devices, they form a gas control system.

Gas detection equipment and systems protect many different types of premises:

  • Humans: explosive concentrations, oxygen deficiency, toxic gases
  • Environment: environmentally hazardous substances, explosion hazard
  • Costs: ventilation/air conditioning control based on needs, damages

We are part of the Nordic NGdg Group